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The Butler’s Pantry, Pembroke Lodge

Pembroke Lodge, Richmond Park, Richmond, Surrey, TW10 5HX


Saturday 10 October 2015

We took the last scone available, which happened to be a large sultana one. It was fresh, soft on the inside and quite crunchy on the outside and delicious. As we walked through the tearoom on our way out we did see fresh scones had been put out – both plain and fruit.

A plastic carton of lovely clotted cream which was plentiful for the open scone halves.

A standard 28g jar of Wilkin & Sons Tiptree Strawberry jam.

Not a wide choice of black teas, but the Twinings bagged Earl Grey was fine and was served in a ceramic  blue teapot.

The Butler’s Pantry tea room is self-service, so you choose how many scones etc. you want at the counter. Seating is available across several attractive Georgian rooms, but as it was such a lovely sunny Autumn day, we chose to sit outside to enjoy the spectacular views from the highest point in Richmond Park down over the Thames valley and Surrey.

Score: 8/10




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  1. We live in Teddington and I often take visitors to Pembroke Lodge for a cream tea after a walk in the park. Regarding cream teas there is a knack to this – always arrive after 3.00pm as the scones are piled up for self service. Both the jam and clotted cream are served in large metal containers from which you can help yourself and so can ensure that you have more than enough of each (I use a separate side plate for the jam and cream)! Visit earlier in the day and the scones are preserved on a plate with a little container of jam and cream!

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