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Here at Cream Tea Review we catalogue our experiences (good and bad) found at tearooms, cafes, restaurants and hotels around the UK offering traditional ‘Cream Teas’.

The reviews posted are largely unscientific in their approach and are wholly subjective in the opinions expressed, but we hope you’ll enjoy reading about our findings and welcome your feedback, as well as any suggestions for establishments we ought to visit.


All of the reviews are based on anonymous visits. We’re generally happy with one scone each*, so where two are provided as standard, we normally share them. For consistency, we always try to order Lapsang Souchong tea if they have it (Earl Grey if not) as this is a good test of the selection on offer. We comment on each of the four elements—Scones, Jam, Cream & Tea and provide a brief summary about the ambience, staff friendliness and general cleanliness we find on the day. Finally, we rate the overall experience out of 10.

In addition to the Reviews page, we also have a page giving general information about the history and traditions surrounding this quintessential of British treats.

Thanks for visiting and please do drop by again to catch up with our latest findings as we add them over the coming months (or follow us on Twitter to be the first to hear about new reviews).

The information provided on Cream Tea Review is based on an anonymous visit on a random day and simply represents our personal experience and opinion. We have no connection with any of the establishments listed.

* Disclaimer: Please eat cream teas responsibly. Waistlines can go up as well as down.

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