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Lempicka Cafe and Bistro, Beverley

13 Wednesday Market, Beverley HU17 0DH


1st May 2016

The very friendly staff offered fruit or cheese (!) scones for our cream tea. Needless to say, we opted for the fruit variety. It was unwarmed, but fresh and enjoyable.

Unfortunately, the cream was whipped and not clotted, which in our book is a cream tea no-no. At least is wasn’t spray cream!

Served in a white ramekin, the strawberry jam was a bit disappointing, being largely clear and non-fruity.

None of our favourite Lapsang Souchong tea, but the loose leaf Birchall Earl Grey was fine.

Lempicka Cafe and Bistro is a very attractive, small cafe which is ideally located overlooking Wednesday Market. They have a varied and interesting menu, so cream teas were obviously not their speciality, their other food meals and cake offerings looked great. The young staff went out of their way to be helpful and the table and tableware was clean.

SCORE ~ 7/10 Good




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  1. Just discovered that you had visited Lempicka for a review. Many thanks for your kind words, we try our best to keep all our offerings at top quality. Our usual provider of clotted cream no longer sells it in smaller containers and since as mentioned cream teas are not our biggest seller, we had a substantial amount of wastage with the larger packs. Thus we admittedly have gone to whipping our own double cream. Our scones are homemade every morning and I was told (and this may be incorrect) that a proper cream tea does not have warmed scones?!
    In any case, many thanks for your review. We can always use the feedback to improve our service.

    1. Thanks Nancy. For our next visit, we’ve got our eyes on your scrummy looking, multi-coloured Battenburg cake!

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