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Bournville Bread Basket

41 Sycamore Rd, Birmingham B30 2AA

1st July 2017

The Bournville Bread Basket provided a medium-sized fruit scone as the default offering with their cream tea. It was fresh (as you might expect from a bakery), light, and had plenty of fruit.

There was generous supply of delicious clotted cream served in a small round pot.

The most dissapointing aspect of the cream tea here was the jam which was presented in a small Duerr’s plastic carton.

None of our favourite Laspsang Souchong, but the Lichfields Fairtrade Early Grey bagged tea, served in a quirky black and white teapot provided a good brew.

The staff at Bournville Bread Basket couldn’t have been more cheery and friendly. Sitting outside in the sunshine on a Saturday afternoon, we were fortunate to be treated to a perfomance of the famous Bournville Carillon across Green. 

SCORE 7/10 Good

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