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Friday 3 July 2015

For review purposes, we’d ordered cream teas by post from different websites in the past, but imagine our surprise and delight to unexpectedly receive a Bettys Tea & Scones Gift Selection, as a birthday present for Mr Cream Tea Review!

Gift, or no gift, this was a great opportunity to report on our experience, so we set about unboxing! Cream isn’t included in the gift box, so we couldn’t carry out our usual cream tea review scoring, but nevertheless here are our findings:

Four fresh sultana scones which were nice and soft and had survived the rigours of the Royal Mail without any problem at all.  

Not included 

A large (340g) jar of Bettys Strawberry Preserve. You can’t beat a high quality, fruit-full jam. Brilliant!

A Bettys Tea Room Blend box of 80 tea bags. A robust-flavoured tea in an attractive box.

Not only did the Tea & Scones Gift Selection include scones, jam and tea, it also contained a 400g Yorkshire Tea Loaf – “A rich fruited cake, with cherries and vine fruits steeped in Yorkshire Tea”. Fantastic!

As this was received as a gift, we can’t comment on the ease of ordering on the website etc. but as you can see from our ‘Unboxing’ video, it came well packaged in a study cardboard postal box. The gift box itself was a very attractive, white box with Bettys logo and designs and the contents all arrived in perfect condition. We just needed to add clotted cream (and hot water obviously) to create a great cream tea in the Cream Tea Review HQ garden.

Having since looked at the website, we see that this is, by far the best value delivery scone service we’ve seen yet and we will definitely be using them ourselves in future.



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